Egress Windows

An emergency exit in a structure is a special exit for emergencies such as a fire or other emergencies; the combined use of regular and special exits allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked. The requirements for an emergency exit are as follows: […]

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Fixed Windows

Fixed windows (often called a picture window) is a standard window that is non-operational. As such, these windows do not have a handle, hinges, or any operable hardware. Fixed windows permit light to enter while remaining closed to the exterior environment (unlike an operable window, which can open and close). This window style is known

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Casement Windows

These casement windows usually were hinged on the side, and opened inward. By the start of the Victorian era, opening casements and frames were constructed from timber in their entirety. The windows were covered by functional exterior shutters, which opened outward. Variants of casement windows are still the norm in many European countries. Throughout Britain

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Bay Windows

A bay window is a type of window that protrudes from the external wall of a building, creating a bay or alcove inside the room. It typically consists of a central windowpane, called a fixed sash, flanked by two or more smaller windows, known as casement or double-hung windows. The arrangement creates a panoramic view

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